lindsay (linz_cent) wrote,

empire city, baby!

alyse & i went to the casino last night & gambled for the first time ever! i can't understand how people spend 9 hours a day in those things! i felt like i was in a movie, or trapped in a video game. it was everything i had pictured it to be, though. just played a couple of slot machines, only lost $10 so i guess that's good? it would have been nice to break even, however! next time we go, i think i want to bet on a horse..

i'm going to buffalo today....a little nervous, pretty excited. i love going up there. it really makes me wish i went to school there again, though. i hate being home :(

no one is around, it's like i have no friends to call up because they're all away. i'm not sure how i feel about anything anymore though. can't make any decisions because i feel like i'm always making bad life choices.

i need to start living more, so i can learn more. i'm glad i went to the casino, doing something new & different for a change felt ummm....relaxing? i don't know the word.
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